Drake Quotes

Drake Quotes by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Masai Ujiri, Lil Nas X, Ski Mask the Slump God, Christian McCaffrey, Jimmer Fredette and many others.

When I arrived in New York, I was at the Drake hotel fo

When I arrived in New York, I was at the Drake hotel for five years; so, yeah, I really miss hotels. It’s like having friends stay at your home. Every day you get to treat them, not only to dinner, but for breakfast, and everything throughout the day.
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
We have something very special happening in Toronto and Drake is a big part of that.
Masai Ujiri
I feel like Drake is doing exactly what I plan on doing, just being sick for all of, what, a decade now? And just always being able to switch it up and never stay in one box.
Lil Nas X
One thing that I do want to say is Drake, as an artist, anybody has to respect him. He’s in the game, and he’s been in the game – he has longevity, even if he doesn’t write or writes his music.
Ski Mask the Slump God
I love Mac Miller. I’m a big Drake fan. I love Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley.
Christian McCaffrey
I love Justin Bieber, love Drake.
Jimmer Fredette
I actually didn't grow up watching 'Degrassi,' but I sa

I actually didn’t grow up watching ‘Degrassi,’ but I saw the commercials and knew the characters. I didn’t realize that Drake was the guy from ‘Degrassi.’ I had to piece it together and go, ‘Oh! He’s Aubrey Graham.’
Alessia Cara
All of my records, I produced, put together completely. All of them. Maybe Drake might come with an idea, and I might finish it. You gotta remember what a producer is. Quincy Jones is a producer.
DJ Khaled
In the beginning it was definitely Drake, Kanye and Lil Wayne – those were my influences. But having worked with all those three individually, I’m now appreciating my own individuality.
The great opportunity with Deadman was that you had a character that nobody had really done anything with – Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino created the character, which is terrific, but Carmine only did one issue with him – and it gave me a chance to do things that I hadn’t seen done in comics all of my life.
Neal Adams
Drake is known to be cursed. He’s probably the last remaining curse in sports. Whatever products he wears ultimately that team is jinxed.
Michael G. Rubin
People bashed Drake based off the fact that he didn’t suffer. Who cares! Do you like the music or not?
Lil Yachty
Once upon a time Americans didn't want to listen to Can

Once upon a time Americans didn’t want to listen to Canadian rap and now Drake’s the biggest rapper in the world.
AJ Tracey
I mean, Ed Snowden was basically saying the same things that Bill Binney and Thomas Drake and other U.S. whistleblowers had said before him. But he came out more publicly, and maybe revealed more. He showed that when the U.S. government said, ‘We are not surveilling U.S. citizens,’ that was a lie.
Katharine Gun