Euclid Quotes

Euclid Quotes by Bertrand Russell, John Allen Paulos, James Joseph Sylvester, Edna St. Vincent Millay, G. H. Hardy, George Polya and many others.

At the age of eleven, I began Euclid, with my brother a

At the age of eleven, I began Euclid, with my brother as my tutor. This was one of the great events of my life, as dazzling as first love. I had not imagined there was anything so delicious in the world. From that moment until I was thirty-eight, mathematics was my chief interest and my chief source of happiness.
Bertrand Russell
The once-surprising existence of non-Euclidean models of Euclid’s first four axioms can be seen as a sort of mathematical joke.
John Allen Paulos
The early study of Euclid made me a hater of geometry.
James Joseph Sylvester
Euclid alone Has looked on Beauty bare. Fortunate they Who, though once only and then but far away, Have heard her massive sandal set on stone.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Reductio ad absurdum, which Euclid loved so much, is one of a mathematician’s finest weapons. It is a far finer gambit than any chess play: a chess player may offer the sacrifice of a pawn or even a piece, but a mathematician offers the game.
G. H. Hardy
Mathematics has two faces: it is the rigorous science of Euclid, but it is also something else. Mathematics presented in the Euclidean way appears as a systematic, deductive science; but mathematics in the making appears as an experimental, inductive science. Both aspects are as old as the science of mathematics itself.
George Polya
The primes are the raw material out of which we have to

The primes are the raw material out of which we have to build arithmetic, and Euclid’s theorem assures us that we have plenty of material for the task.
G. H. Hardy
Euclid manages to obtain a rigorous proof without ever dealing with infinity, by reducing the problem [of the infinitude of primes] to the study of finite numbers. This is exactly what contemporary mathematical analysis does.
Lucio Russo
As to writing another book on geometry [to replace Euclid] the middle ages would have as soon thought of composing another New Testament.
Augustus De Morgan
I have in later years taken to Euclid, Whitehead, Bertrand Russell, in an elemental way.
Carl Sandburg
Euclid alone has looked on Beauty bare. Let all who prate of Beauty hold their peace, And lay them prone upon the earth and cease To ponder on themselves, the while they stare At nothing, intricately drawn nowhere.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
From Euclid to Newton there were straight lines. The modern age analyzes the wavers.
Saul Bellow
If Euclid's point, though incapable of being drawn by a

If Euclid’s point, though incapable of being drawn by any human agency, has an imperishable value, my picture has its own for mankind to live.
Mahatma Gandhi
The sacred writings excepted, no Greek has been so much read and so variously translated as Euclid.
Augustus De Morgan